Who we are

Our website address is: https://villalunamare.gr/.

What kind of data does the company collect?

Any information included in the concept of “personal data” of the Privacy Policy and their collection is not based on the Law or on the conclusion or execution of a contract, is collected by the business only if you choose to express consent.

The following personal information is collected:

  • Identification data: Full name, ID / passport number, date of birth, telephone number.
  • Contact Information: Mailing address, email address, telephone number.
  • Transaction Data: VAT, type, location, time of products or services provided.
  • Contract Relationship Data: Contractual documents, information and consent forms, electronic will statements.
  • Transaction Data: Information about interests, preferences and participation in events, competitions, surveys.
  • We do not collect, or in any way gain access to, any special categories of (“sensitive”) personal data or data relating to criminal convictions and offenses of our clients. The Customer shall be obliged to refrain from providing such data relating to his or her third party data. In case a customer provides such data to the business, they will be deleted as soon as we become aware. The Company assumes no liability to customers or third parties for the provision and / or processing of sensitive data due to customer actions or omissions in breach of their above obligation.
  • Visiting the business website www.lunamare.gr does not necessarily imply that you provide any kind of personal data. In some cases, however, it is necessary for you to provide some of your own personal information, which is indicated in the relevant data entry sections on the business website.

In the business we may collect and store the following personal information about you from the following restricted sources:

  • Contact information when you contact us to ask questions or request information about the services provided by the business.
  • Identification, communication, transaction, contractual and transactional behavior data when booking a room or place in a restaurant regardless of the means by which it is performed (online, by telephone via customer reception, etc.).
  • Identification, communication, transaction, contractual and transactional behavior data, when dealing with an in-house leaseholder when using our hotel services. .
  • Identification, communication, transaction, contractual and transactional behavior data when you enter into a contract with us to provide any business services.
  • Identification, communication, transaction, contractual and transactional behavior data when you are purchasing online products or services provided by the business.
  • From publicly available sources.
  • The data collected through the business website can also be combined with data provided in other cases, for example, when you call us or participate in competitions and promotions. The personal data provided to the business in these cases may be incorporated into existing databases and stored for the purpose of simplifying your data management systems.

For what purposes the business collects personal data.

The use of personal or non-personal data that the business collects from you serves the following purposes:


  • Transactions: The business may use your personal information to process any transactions with you, such as credit card payments, end-of-life cards, etc.
  • Advertising / Marketing: The business may use the personal or non-personal information of the visitors / users for informational purposes and promotions related to competitions, gifts, discounts on products and services of the business and its affiliated companies and sponsors.
  • Website Improvement and Adjustment: This information will only be used by the business for the purposes for which it was collected and to provide information to you. It will also use them to tailor the content of the site to your needs and improve its composition, changes and dynamics.
  • Legal use: The business may collect, store, administer and generally process your personal information when required by the Privacy Policy and / or the Law or when necessary to protect or defend your privacy, her own interests and yours.


Use of information.

The information you provide to the business or which the business itself holds can be used by us to:

  • Verifying your identity when asking questions.
  • Help us manage and communicate with you about improving the management of services and products that have been provided to you by the company in the past, are now available or will be provided in the future.
  • To do marketing analysis and create customer profiles and generate statistical information.
  • To help us prevent and detect fraud or loss. Also to contact you by any means (including mail, email, telephone, etc.) for other services and products offered by the business, and authorized selected affiliates.